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Phantasy Star Zero, White Knight Chronicles, Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2, and more!


Similar to the feature I put in yesterday about the latest print ads, here's a provisionally named article (the Japanese "kari" character after the name means "provisional") about the latest commercials that I grabbed off the TV with my PSX -- which is still surprisingly running (although it makes a weird burping sound whenever I turn it on).

First up, a commercial for White Knight Chronicles.

This spot shows off the game's online party mode, detailing how you can make your own avatar. There's another story-focused commercial out there, which you can probably easily find on YouTube.

Next, a Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 Spot:

[end_preview /]

This commercial is specifically for the PS3 version, although there's likely to be an Xbox 360 branded one too at some point. Not sure if there will be PS2 branded ones, though. Koei actually only recently got around to showing off screenshots from the PS2 version.

In the spot, the announcer says "Dekai" repeatedly. This means "big." The major new feature for Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 is that you face off against Mobile Armor mechs. These are gigantic -- maybe as large compared to your Mobile Suit as a Mobile Suit is to a person (I'm not a big Gundam watcher -- in fact, I haven't seen a single episode -- so if my scale comparisons are off, please don't call me out).

Next, Soul Eater Battle Resonance:

This is a different version of Soul Eater from the Wii version (released in September through Square Enix) and the DS version (released in October through Bandai Namco). Bandai Namco is doing the honors for Battle Resonance, which is coming to both the PS2 and PSP on January 29.

The commercial's announcer says "Soul Eater becomes a fighting action game and appears on the PSP and PS2." Actually, this is said by two announcers, as the voice changes mid way through!

The end of the ad offers a look at the game's pre-order bonus, a desktop accessory CD that includes original wallpapers and more.

If anime is what you like, here are a couple of spots for Vampire Knight DS.

I don't know anything about the anime series off which the game is based, although I'm intrigued by the idea of a "Bloody Love Simulation."

Next, yet another commercial for Wii Music.

This one is themed in "winter break," and it, once again, shows the whole family having fun.

I wonder if families really do have fun with Wii Music like they do with Wii Sports.

Moving on, we come to a Phantasy Star Zero spot.

These mimic Sega's Phantasy Star Portable spots, showing players enjoying the game in groups. The dude with the blonde hair is talent Tsuyoshi Tsuruno. See this story on the main channel about Tsuruno's role in the spot.

This ad is titled "Anyone Can." There's supposed to be another ad, "Even When Separated," focusing on the Wi-Fi play. You can also find this on YouTube if you look around.

Hey kids, here's a fun transition. Phantasy Star Portable is a DS game. I'm certain many players will be playing it on the DSi. Which brings us to our next two spots, both for the DSi.

The first one is another introduction to the system, this one focusing on the camera. The ad says that the DSi could become the first personal camera for children.

The second one is for Fuji TV's Hot Fantasy Odaiba event, where the DSi will be featured as part of a demo corner. Yes, the DSi is going to be playable at an event called "Hot Fantasy."

Finally, a combo punch of weird and cute.

For the weird, we turns to Saints Row 2 for this completely baffling commercial.

I have no idea what they're saying.

For the cute, we turn to a commercial for Benesse's DS English and Math Training software.

Those kids are speaking English, and I do indeed understand them! Good job!

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