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Famicom had lots of balls

Useless stats that you probably want to know.


What's the most frequently used word in the titles for the 1,252 official Famicom releases? If you answered "Family," you're obviously knowledgeable-enough about games to know that Famicom stands for Family Computer. You're also wrong.

According to this article at ITmedia, which cited this blog, the winning word is actually "Ball," which is used in 34 titles. This figure includes actual games involving "balls" of some form. But it also includes eight Dragon Ball games. And you thought that series was milked now!

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Following "Ball" is "Super," which appears in 32 titles. That's right, "Super" didn't start with the Super Famicom... although this shouldn't be too surprising, with Super Mario Bros. and all.

The remaining top 10 includes "Pro" at 3 with 24 games, followed by "Star" (25 games), "Land," (24), "Family" (24), "Dragon" (21), "Bouken (Adventure)" (21), "Densetsu (Legend)" (20) and "World" (18).

That blog also has similar naming reports on a bunch of other systems.

The top three for the Saturn are "Vol.," "Mahjong," and "Fighter." "Vol"? Are you kidding? "Hen," Japanese for "Chapter," is 4th, so it could have been worse.

And on PlayStation, it is even worse! "Series" is the number one word at 277 titles. Below it are "Vol." at 227 titles, and "1500" at 190 titles. Hmm... I wonder...

For even more detail -- in case you, for instance, want to know how many times the word "puzzle" appeared in a title during the 16-bit area -- see the original blog.

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