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Echochrome gets Trophy and screenshot support, budget price

Price drop coincides with PSP budget release.


Sony Computer Entertainment Japan unveiled today a couple of new initiatives that should please Echochrome (properly known here in Japan as Mugen Kairo) fanatics and also create some new ones.

The PS3 version of the black-and-white mind bender puzzler will take delivery tomorrow of a patch that adds 1,000 stages playable on Infinite Mode. These stages were created by users throughout the world.

The update also adds support for Trophies and taking screenshots.

To get this update, owners of Echochrome will have to simply load up the game while connected to the PlayStation Network. The 82 megabyte update will take place automatically.

Echochrome screenshots, distributed by Sony today.

Those who've yet to try out the game will be able to do so, for a limited time, at a lower price. Starting tomorrow, Sony will make the game available for 1,000 yen, down from the standard 1,800 yen price. This new price will remain in effect for 1,000 hours, until January 21.

The price drop and update coincide with the release of a PSP the Best budget version of the PSP version of Echochrome. That title will be offered on Thursday at retail and via direct download on the PlayStation Store.

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