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Mainichi Issyo Portable gets first update

In-game shop and mini-games on the way later this month.


Sony Computer Entertainment Japan shared details today on an upcoming update for Mainichi Issyo Portable. Set to go live on the 18th, this will be the first update for the game since its October 15 release.

The most notable new feature for the update is "Kuro's General Store." Staffed by Kuro, the black cat, this facility lets players make use of their "Myail" in-game money to purchase items like beer, potato chips, ramen, and sake sets, which can then be given to Toro as gifts.

Also new for this update are two cosplay games, Baseball and Akaoni. Baseball is a swinging mini-game where you make Toro swing at pitches tossed by Kuro. Akaoni, literally "Red Devil," has players throw beans at Toro, whose dressed up in a red wig. Accurate tosses result in a high score.

Purchasing product from Kuro's General Store.
The baseball cos-play minigame.
The Akaoni mini-game. Aim at the target on Toro.

Mainichi Issyo Portable owners who are interested in getting this updated content will have to redownload the game from the PlayStation Store.

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