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Iwata talks up DSi business uses

Nintendo president suggests further uses for system as information terminal.


Nintendo president Satoru Iwata appears to want people to use the DS for more than just games and edutainment. In a Kyodo News interview on the 11th, Iwata said of the DSi, "We can have it be used for business too."

This, according to the news service, is an indication that Nintendo could be attempting to increase the DS platform's userbase by expanding the DSi into a business terminal.

Iwata also expressed a desire to expand the DSi's uses as an information terminal, with information beamed to the system wirelessly when owners are at theme parks and malls. Currently, Nintendo has a limited version of such a program, called "Nintendo Spot," in operation at select McDonalds restaurants and on one Tokyo train line.

The DSi appears to be central to Nintendo's plans in these non-gaming areas. Iwata made note of the system's support for downloadable software as making it easier for companies to produce business-oriented software on a small scale. As an example, he suggested that insurance companies that currently offer in-house product introductions to visiting clients could do so on the DSi rather than through PC-based terminals.

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