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Layton, DSi remain atop Media Create charts

428, Dragon Ball not enough to contain Level 5's Professor.


Despite tough competition from the latest Dragon Ball game and Chunsoft's latest digital novel, Professor Layton's third installment captured top place in the Media Create sales charts for the second week in a row. The DSi stayed atop the hardware charts and, along with its console counterpart, the Wii, saw a sales boost as the year end rush approaches.

For the week covering December 1 to December 7, Professor Layton and the Final Time Journey sold 87,061 units. While this is a major drop from the game's debut last week at nearly 350,000 units, the series is known for selling consistently over long periods of time, and is also likely to see a boost during the New Years gift-buying period.

Bandai Namco brought Dragon Ball Z Infinite World to the Japanese PS2 over the week, and was welcomed with sales of 76,452 units. This seems to be lower than expected, as Media Create reports a 38.19% sell-through rate for the game. As possible reasons for the slow start, Media Create suggests that the PS2 market has been shrinking since 2007's Dragon Ball Z Sparking! Meteor. In addition, Infinite World may have lacked freshness in terms of content.

Dragon Ball Z Infinite World, the latest PS2 entry in the Dragon Ball Z series, debuted first overseas.

Also debuting this week in the top ten were Sega's 428 for the Wii and Bethesda's Fallout 3 for the Xbox 360. 428, Chunsoft's latest visual novel, sold 33,997 units for eighth place, narrowly besting Fallout 3's 30,566 unit ninth place finish. Both titles were given television and billboard promotions. For Fallout 3, Bethesda is readying the PS3 version for release on January 15.

The remaining top ten placers were all older titles. Animal Crossing City Folk (Nintendo, Wii) took third with 75,614 units, followed by Kirby: Ultra Super Deluxe (Nintendo, DS) in fourth with 60,206 units, Wining Eleven 2009 (Konami, PS3) in fifth with 42,368 units, Wagamama Fashion Girls (Nintendo, DS) at sixth with 37,873 units, Pokemon Platinum (Pokemon, DS) at seventh with 37,330 units, and Rhythm Tengoku Gold (Nintendo, DS) in tenth with 29,619 units. Platinum has topped the two million mark in total sales.

Debuting outside the top ten this week were Hissho Pachinko/Pachislot Kouryaku Series DS Vol.3 Shinseiki Evangelion Yakusoku no Toki (D3 Publisher, DS) at 25, Katei Kyoshi Hitman Reborn! DS Mafia Daishuugou (Takara Tomy, DS) at 28, Chou Nepleague DS (Jaleco, DS) at 31, and Real Rode (Kadokawa Shoten, PS2) at 38

Bandai Namco's Kaze no Klonoa Door to Phantomile, a Wii remake of the first PlayStation Klonoa game, debuted at 39, despite a highly visible television promotional campaign. Also placing low despite television commercial campaigns were two Benesse Corporation DS educational titles, Faster! More Accurately! Number Sense Number Training and English Conversation Training, which debuted at, respectively, 45 and 48.

Fallout 3 and 428 had billboards placed in the surroundings of Tokyo's Shibuya Station prior to release.

Among multiplatform debuts this week, the PS2 version of Konami's Pro Baseball Spirits 5 took 16th place, ahead of the PS3 version's 20th place finish. The 360 version of Saints Row 2 debuted at 32, beating the PS3 version's 46th place.

In hardware, positions remained the same as last week, but Nintendo's platforms saw rises in units sold. DSi sold 126,648 units for the week, up from last week's 87,185 units. PSP dropped slightly from 55,090 units last week to 54,782 units. Wii rose further from 49,848 units to 56,702 units. The system has been on an upwards streak as the end of the year approaches. PS3 saw a drop following Winning Eleven's release last week from 34,978 units, to 30,309 units.

At the bottom of the hardware race were DS Lite at 12,096 units, the Xbox 360 at 9,988 units, and the PS2 at 5,743 units.

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