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Date set for Nobi Nobi Boy

PSN download from Katamari Damacy creator hitting in late January.


Bandai Namco announced today a final release date of January 29 for Nobi Nobi Boy. The PlayStation 3 title will be available for download through PlayStation Store for 800 yen.

Nobi Nobi Boy is the latest game from Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi. Set in a sandbox world, players take control of "Boy," worm-like creature who has the ability to grow and shrink (the "nobi" in the title is Japanese for "extend"). Players are free to play as they like, uploading footage of their experiences to YouTube, although one of the goals is to report your length to "GIRL," a character who sits in space and grows based off the reported lengths of all players across the PlayStation Network. GIRL's goal is to grow and connect all the planets of the Solar System in order to make everyone happy.

Screenshots of Nobi Nobi Boy, distributed today by Bandai Namco. Players control the front and rear of BOY separately using the analogue sticks.

Joining the release date announcement, Bandai Namco opened up an official website for the game. Go there for screenshots and details on the game in both Japanese and Korean.

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