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Kingdom Hearts Mobile begins service

DoCoMo users can build up Kingdom Hearts avatar and play themed mini-games.


Square Enix began service today on Kingdom Hearts Mobile. DoCoMo users with phones at or above 703i and 903i series level can access the service today.

Kingdom Hearts Mobile is a mobile portal for the Kingdom Hearts series, which Square Enix reminded us in a press statement today has topped 12 million units in worldwide shipments. Users download an application called "Avatar Kingdom," create their own avatar, and move about a town, accessing shops from which they can purchase digital content themed around the series.

This is a paid service with monthly billing. Players can select between 315 yen, 525 yen, 840 yen, and 1,050 yen per month courses. Avatar items and mini-games are obtained in a Point Item Shop using points that must be purchased in advance, although some avatar items can also be obtained in a Money Item Shop by trading in "money" that is earned by playing mini games.

Screens of the Kingdom Hearts Mobile service, distributed today by Square Enix. The main part of the service, Kingdom Hearts Coded, will be available this Spring.

Avatar Kingdom has the following shops:

Mini Game Shop
You purchase and download mini games here using your points. In addition to earning money for use the Money Item Shop, players can take part in rankings, with rare items on offer for top performers. A variety of mini-games are currently available, including card games and a game called Balloon Glider where players work with Winnie the Pooh to collect honey. New games will be added to the service monthly.
Vignette Room
This is your personal space in the town. Among other things, you can go here to edit your profile, dress your avatar up, view messages from friends, check up on your friend list, and see the results of completed events.
Point Bank
Here, you can check how much money and points you have available.
Event Hall
In this area, you and your friends can take part in events. Events are split into Normal Events, in which anyone can take part, and Special Events, which have pre-set conditions for participation. Some events reward players with rare items.
Point Melody Shop, Point Art Gallery, and Point Item Shop
In these shops, you use points to purchase content. The Art Gallery offers Kingdom Hearts wallpapers and smilies for your phone. The Melody Shop offers Kingdom Hearts ring tones. The Item Shop offers avatar items, including hair styles, faces, clothing, and accessories. Also on offer are full body sets for Kingdom Hearts characters. The individual parts of these sets can be mixed and matched when changing clothes in your Vignette Room.
Money Item Shop
This shop lets you use the money that you've earned in mini-games to purchase avatar items. A selection of items from the Point Item Shop will be available here. There will be some exclusive items here as well.
Kingdom Hearts Coded
This area of the world will feature Kingdom Hearts Coded, the new mobile entry in the Kingdom Hearts series. The game is set for release this Spring. Until then, users can find the latest information on the game here.
From left to right, a mini-game, the Vignette Room, a sample event, and the Money Item Shop.

The Avatar Kingdom application and the mini-games are developed by Mobile & Game Studio and Serial Games. The avatar designs are by Monster Octopus.

Those without access to iMode phones can get a sampling of the character designs and features of the Kingdom Hearts Mobile service at the service's official site.

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