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Resident Evil 360 getting more pimpage

Retail pamphlet joins demo as Xbox 360-only.


I wonder if the average Japanese consumer thinks that Resident Evil 5 is an Xbox 360 exclusive. First there was that whole demo thing. And now, I see this at Tsutaya:

That's a genuine Resident Evil 5 retail pamphlet. What's missing? That's right... there's no mention of the PlayStation 3 version!

[end_preview /]

The front of the pamphlet promotes the game's 3/5 release date and also details the demo. The back tells you how you can get the demo for free when buying Xbox 360 (you get one month free Gold Membership), and also shares the specifics on Xbox Live.

Going by all the marketing of late, the Xbox 360 is the only place to play Resident Evil 5, Gundam Musou 2, a bunch of Square Enix RPGs, and a bunch of shooters.

Oh, and Prince of Persia too:

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