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Virtua Fighter 5 R Version A hits arcades

New items and a return of the Bingo Festa event.


Sega began operation today on Virtua Fighter 5 R Version A, an updated version of Virtua Fighter 5 R.

Version A features a limited time Bingo Festa event, which VF fans might remember from Virtua Fighter 5. This event is split into two parts: Bingo Days, lasting from December 17 through December 23, and Happy Days, lasting from December 24 through December 30. To take part, you'll simply have to play the game using a character access card.

Also awaiting players with the new update are new items, some of which can change your character's winning pose.

The update does not feature any changes to character moves or balance.

The latest Virtua Fighter update, shown in these screenshots distributed today by Sega.

Virtua Fighter 5 R cabinets that have been updated to the new version will display "VERSION A" at the title screen.

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