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Square Enix details Dissidia Final Fantasy soundtrack

Sample and mix eight of the songs in advance.

The standard version packaging for the soundtrack.

Square Enix provided an update today on an upcoming soundtrack for Dissidia Final Fantasy.

As previously announced, the Dissidia Final Fantasy Original Soundtrack will be released on December 24 and will include 55 of the most popular songs from Final Fantasy history. Square Enix will offer the soundtrack as a standard edition costing 3,000 yen and as a first run limited edition featuring the same disc but in a special jacket.

Of the 55 songs, the identities of 20 were made public today at the soundtrack's official site. The list of 20 includes tracks from parts 1 through 10 in the series along with four tracks from Dissidia.

Joining the partial track list at the site is a "preview" section offering samples of eight of the songs. These can be mixed with one-another using a sliding bar tool.

Samples of the music can also be heard in the "special" section of the site, where they're accompanied by battle scenes from Dissidia.

Those who want to experience the music in a game environment can pick up Dissidia Final Fantasy when it hits retail tomorrow.

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