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Xevious creator details new WiiWare game

New title targets players of all ages.


The next target for Xevious creator Masanobu Endou is WiiWare. G Mode held a press conference today in Tokyo to both detail its new "+CCE Strategy" business plan and to provide an introduction to Popple and the Magical Crayon, a WiiWare game that's being overseen by Endou.

+CCE stands for "Casual, Communication, Entertainment. Under this strategy, G Mode will be releasing products on a variety of platforms that give casual audiences a means of communication. Non-game products touched upon at the event included Shaberi TV (Speaking TV), a chatting service for television viewers; a series of free mobile services sites; and products relating to Bungeisha's best selling B-gata Jibun no Setsumeisho series.

Popple and the Magic Crayon (in Japanese, "Popple to Mahou no Crayon"), previously announced by G Mode but never fully detailed, is one part of that strategy. Set in the world of an unfinished picture book, players use a magic crayon to complete the book by painting elements of the game world and moving characters around. All this is being done to complete a story involving Popple, a witch who's come into the picture book's world seeking food.

Popple (left) and her stuffed animal (right). Endo appeared at the press conference dressed as the stuffed animal.
Players use the Wiimote to paint the world and move characters about, in an attempt to complete an unfinished story.

This title is notable for G Mode both because all its past WiiWare games have been remakes of cell phone titles, and because of Endou's involvement.

Endou appeared at the press conference dressed as a character from the new title. He revealed that, while listed as the game's supervisor, he's taken part in the art and sound areas of the game as well and even worked on programming after a gap of over 10 years. The concept of the title, he said, is a game that anyone -- kids, girls, and beginners alike -- can enjoy.

Also in attendance (and in a witch costume) was voice actress Mayumi Shindo. As she demoed the game live, Shindo noted that the characters are cute and the controls are simple.

Popple and the Magic Crayon will be released on January 27 at 800 WiiPoints.

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