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DSi tops one million -- Enterbrain

Two months to major sales mark as DS approaches 25 million


Nintendo has topped the million mark in DSi sales, according to sales data from Enterbrain. The information was shared today at Enterbrain's own Famitsu.com site.

As of December 21, the DSi has sold a total of 1,062,416 units. This feat comes less than two months after the system's November 1 release.

Across all incarnations, the DS platform has, also as of December 21, sold 24,859,874 units. Of this, the original DS and the DS Lite contributed respectively 6,559,206 and 17,348,252 units.

With just under 150,000 to 25 million systems sold, the DS platform will almost certainly cross the mark before the end of the year.

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