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Sony promotes its year-end lineup with ad trucks


Sony is spreading Christmas cheer through Tokyo with advertising trucks small and large. Or little and big, if you will.

Now roaming the streets of busy holiday Shibuya is this:

It says "Create together, play together."

This little truck isn't alone! On its tail as I made my way up Dougenzaka past the 109 building was its big brother:

[end_preview /]

And joining these two as I walked further up the street was a White Knight Chronicles truck.

The text below PS3 X RPG says "For all of Japan's RPG fans."

I found all these trucks moving down one street in succession. Maybe there will be more...

In other Sony advertising news, here are a couple of retail displays:

The above shot shows posters for White Knight Chronicles and a poster in the same line as those train station posters from a few weeks back.

This shot promotes Sony's free PS3 demo disc campaign. It also has signs for DSi, which has become a lot easier to find these past couple of weeks.

Behind the second sign is a sign listing a 35,800 yen price point for the 40 gigabyte PS3.

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