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Nippon Ichi details Musou Tourou release

PSP adventure game hits in March


Nippon Ichi announced today a final release date of March 19 for Musou Tourou. The PSP adventure title will be available in standard and limited edition versions costing, respectively, 5,040 yen and 7,140 yen.

Musou Tourou is a text adventure game that's received much attention due to its development as a tie-up between Nippon Ichi, Fog, and Broccoli. Players chose their own path through a branching storyline that's set in modern times.

Older screenshots of Musou Tourou.

For the fans, Nippon Ichi has some special bonuses planned for the title. the limited edition will include a drama CD and an art book. Both versions will include a set of six post cards for pre-orderers.

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