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Square Enix shares four new Dissidia passwords

Friend cards for Yufie and more.


Square Enix offered today a second round of passwords for Dissidia Final Fantasy. Using these passwords, players can unlock special friend cards and recipes. The first set was rleeased on the 22nd.

Today's update includes four passwords, three for friend cards and one for a recipe.

Friend cards include Yufie from FFVII (PASS3CH3GC45), Shantoto from FFXI (469J3ELEVENWS), and Ahriman, a demon from FFXI (MAPE5REPE4T5). These cards are set up with tough ghost characters who've been equipped with items that are difficult to obtain in the main game. Square Enix encourages players to level-up prior to challenging the cards.

The new recipe is Taurus Recipe and can be unlocked with KRCYGU7RJ8E3. Using this recipe, players can create an item known as Chinurareta Tate ("Blood Covered Shield").

From left to right, friend cards for Ahriman, Shantoto, and Yufie.

Square Enix says to expect more password updates in the future.

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