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Seventh Dragon release date and pre-order bonus set

Sega shares latest on upcoming DS RPG.


Sega announced today a final release date for Seventh Dragon. The DS RPG will be available on March 5 at 5,040 yen.

The company also detailed a pre-order bonus item for the title. Those who order in advance will get a special booklet titled Dragon Chronicle. Produced by Otaku Design, the booklet includes interviews with the development staff and previously unrevealed rough character sketches. Also included is a soundtrack CD, titled "Limited Edition Soundtrack fragment."

The pre-order bonus. As usual, quantities are said to be limited.

This pre-order bonus has the potential to add to the gameplay experience. The more observant players will be able to find hidden codes placed throughout the booklet. When decoded, these can be used to unlock new "fragment" items in the game.

Seventh Dragon screens and artwork, shared today by Sega.

Today's release date and pre-order news was accompanied by a major update to the game's official site. Access the official site for a battle video showing the new Princess job, a podcast featuring Phantasy Star Zero producer Satoshi Sakai, and a new "Party Maker" tool for creating special blog parts.

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