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Free Prinny bonus content hits PSN

New stage and boss available today.


Nippon Ichi made available today a new level and boss as free bonus content for Prinny: Is It Okay if I'm the Main Character?.

This first piece of download content for the platformer is titled "Maoushiro & Fron," or "Demon King's Castle & Fron." Players work through a Demon King's Castle stage and attempt to get to the boss, the fallen angel Fron.

The content can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store directly or using the PS3 or PC.

Fron (left) and the Demon King's Castle stage (right).
Working through the Demon King Castle stage.
An encounter with Fron awaits at the end of the stage.

More download content is on the way for the Disgaea spinoff series. Nippon Ichi noted that it's working away at download contents 2 and 3. Pricing and release information for these two was not announced.

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