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Resident Evil 5 marsh stage and offline co-op play detailed

The latest look at RE5.


Capcom provided its latest update today on Resident Evil 5, offering a look at offline co-op and the mysterious "Daishitsugen" area of play.

The Daishitsugen (unofficially, "Great Marsh") area is filled with water and plant life. Players will also find plenty of wooden buildings throughout this area.

The marsh stage.

It's not all exotic scenery though. The marsh area is filled with crocodiles. While not exactly zombies, these creatures end up being foes and attempt to pull players underwater. Screenshots show main characters Chris and Sheva have submerged in the water taking aim at approaching crocodiles with their guns.

Facing off against crocodiles.

The offline co-op mode offers two local players a chance to team up for play sessions through split screen. This mode mirrors the online co-op mode. One player acts as a host. The other player joins in, splitting the screen horizontally and restarting the game from the current session's previous checkpoint.

To end a co-op session, the host player can exit out from the game to the main menu. He'll then be able to continue in single player from the point of stoppage by selecting "continue" from the main menu.

Offline co-op mode, showing the horizontal split screen.

Players wanting a sneak peak at the offline co-op mode will find it in recently released demos.

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