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Square Enix details World Hobby Fair lineup

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days to appear in playable form


Square Enix opened up a website today detailing its lineup for the upcoming World Hobby Fair.

In terms of games, the company will be showing off three playable titles: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Pingu's Wonderful Carnival, and Snoopy DS. The latter two are already out. Kingdom Hearts is due for Spring release and was previously playable at December's Jump Festa event.

The company will also host a Dragon Quest Batoen G battle corner featuring an appearance by Batoenman. Players who defeat Batoenman will walk home with a special Batoen.

Goods will also be available at the Square Enix booth. The special site shows special Batoens along with figures and stuffed animals.

The World Hobby Fair Winter 2009 event will kick off in Osaka on the 18th and continue to Tokyo on the 24th and 25th, Nagoya on February 1, and Fukuoka on February 8. Admission is free.

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