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Platinum Games gets a new logo

A number of titles due out in 2009.


Platinum Games updated its official site on New Years Day with a brand new logo.

The logo features a large P flanked on the upper left by a star. Below the logo is the company's full name, Platinum Games Inc.

The new Platinum Games logo.

Producer Tatsuya Minami discussed the new logo in a blog posting at the site. The combination of P with a star symbol is based around the P and T from the word Platinum, according to Minami. The star is also meant to represent Polaris, the North Star.

2009 will be a major year for Platinum Games, as it will mark the first releases from the newly formed studio. Minami's blog post promises "a number of titles" for the year. While he doesn't mention specific names, Mugen Kouro for the DS will likely lead the way with a Spring release. Bayonetta is due for PS3 and Xbox 360 release this year as well. Mad World has yet to be announced for Japan.

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