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Dragon Quest IX story and quests detailed

Square Enix kicks off the new year with an update on what should be the year's biggest game.


Square Enix opened business for 2009 today with a major update on what's likely to be the biggest game of the year, Dragon Quest IX. New details for this update included story and character information and a look at the game's quest system.

While the focus of past updates has been on character creation, skills, and multiplayer, today Square Enix shared a few preliminary details on the Dragon Quest IX story. Some of this information was first revealed in the game's Jump Festa trailer, which can now be seen at the DQIX official site.

DQIX's story starts off in the world of angels. Angels dream of one day reaching the country of gods. To achieve this they must gather "Star Aura" by obtaining the thanks and appreciation of people on the ground. This Star Aura can be offered to the Sekaiju (literally "World Tree"). When the goddess's fruit emerges from this tree, the path to the country of gods will open.

Based off the text in the screenshots distributed by Square Enix today, the main character is one such angel. Something happens as he offers Star Aura to the World Tree, kicking off DQIX's story.

Scenes from the Dragon Quest IX opening. The opening appears to consist of both real time and pre-rendered sequences.
The goddess's fruit, pictured to the left.
The main character, shown to the right in the far left shot, discusses the Star Aura with another angel. The other shots appear to show the Star Aura being obtained and then offered to the World Tree.
In the left shot, a lady named Rika thanks two angels for protecting her during her travels. In the center and right shots, three angels discuss their offerings to the World Tree.

Outside of the story, today's update introduces us to an important character, Sandy. This flying fairy character has blonde hair and a deep tan. She speaks like a "Gal," a term used to describe a young girl. While not getting into specifics, Square Enix describes Sandy as an extremely important character in the Dragon Quest IX story.

Sandy speaks and looks like a gal, but will play a major role in the game's story.

Also revealed today is a large "quest" system which exists apart from the main story. While walking around town, players will come upon residents who need some task performed. These quests range in size, some requiring that you defeat monsters and obtain treasure.

Quests revealed in screenshots distributed today include:

  • A girl named Maron in Wollo Village introduces you to the game's quest system and asks that you get her a Madaraku Moito item.
  • An elderly man named Irohon asks you to obtain a Mahou no Seisui item
  • A man named Tatsu in the city of Bekseria is shocked to learn that his grandson looks like a Tentsuku enemy. To heal his heart, he asks that you defeat 10 Tentsuku enemies in the town's surroundings.
  • A thief named Durio asks that you steal a special treasure from Metal Hunter, a monster who lives in a cave to the north. To perform this quest, you'll need to have in your party a thief who's learned the special "Steal" skill.

To get a quest, you'll simply have to talk to certain people in town. Some residents will have a quest waiting for you the moment you speak to them. Others won't initially have a quest for you, but will if you should speak to them later in the game.

You can take on any number of quests simultaneously and clear them as you like. Your current quests are viewable in a quest list which specifies the time the quest was received.

Clear a quest, and you'll earn a reward form the requester. Some quests even spring off new quests once cleared.

Obtaining quests. One quest requires that you steal a treasure Metal Hunter, shown in the two right-most shots.
Verifying the content of quests on the top screen, in the left and center shots. To the right, the quest list.

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