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Domestic game market drops in 2008 -- Enterbrain

DS tops four million for year.


Enterbrain published statistics today for the domestic games industry in 2008. Famitsu.com passed along the details.

For the period covering December 31, 2007 to December 28, 2008, the domestic game market reached a scale of 582,610 million yen. This is 84.7% of 2007's 687,950 million yen.

Breaking apart this total figure, both hardware and software were down for the year. Hardware fell to 76.5% of last year's 327,410 million yen to 250,500 million. Software was down to 332,120 million yen, or 92.1% of 2007's 360,540 million.

While the PSP lead in hardware for most of the year, the DS ended up on top. DS sold a total of 4,029,804 units, bringing total sales for the system up to 25,135,276 units. This figure includes DS, DSLite and DSi sales. On its own, DSi has topped the 1,280,000 unit mark.

PSP came in second for the year at 3,543,171 units, bringing its total above the 11 million mark to 11,078,484 units. Wii sold 2,908,342 units, for a total of 7,526,821 units.

In the high end console race, the PS3 just missed the million mark for the year with total sales of 991,303 units. Xbox 360 sold about a third of this at 317,859 units. Total sales for the two consoles are at about the same three to one ratio, with the PS3 at 2,664,366 units and the Xbox 360 at 866,167 units.

Despite placing second in hardware, the PSP took top place in the software charts for the year. Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G sold 2,452,111 units, putting it in first place. Pokemon Platinum for the DS sold 2,187,337 units, for second.

Following these two were Wii Fit at 2,149,131 units, Mario Kart Wii at 2,003,315 units, and Smash Bros. X at 1,747,113 units. Of these, all but Wii Fit were released this year. Including last year, total sales for Wii Fit have reached 2,967,297 units.

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