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Microsoft to release limited edition red controller

Bundle to include Play & Charge Kit.


Microsoft announced today a limited edition red-colored controller bundle for the Xbox 360.

The new wireless 360 controller is no different from other 360 controllers aside from its solid red coloring. It will be sold in limited quantities as part of the Wireless Controller (Limited Edition Red) Play & Charge Pack.

As the name suggests, this bundle includes a Play & Charge Kit, which allows you to use the controller for playing games while charging. The kit comes with a limited edition red-colored battery case, a play & charge cable and a limited edition red rechargeable battery pack.

Pricing for the bundle is set at 6,279 yen, about 500 yen less than the cost of purchasing a standard-color wireless controller and a Play & Charge Kit separately.

The red-colored controller and red-colored Play & Charge Kit will not be offered as individual units.

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