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Idol Master bundle joins Platinum Collection in March

Four new games go budget in February and March.


Microsoft's latest update to its growing Platinum Collection lineup will include a special offer for virtual idol producers. Coinciding with the March 12 release of the budget version of Idol Master Live For You! will be Idol Master Twin, a bundle pack combining the original Idol Master with the Live For You! followup.

The bundle pack will include the Platinum Collection versions of both games. Pricing is set at 5,040 yen, representing a major savings over buying each game separately at their standard cost of 2,940 yen each. The bundle pack will be produced for a limited time.

Preceding the March 12 release of Live For You! will be Platinum Collection versions of Battlefield Bad Company (Electronic Arts), Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (Ubisoft), and Halo 3 (Microsoft). Priced at 2,940 yen, these will be released on February 26.

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