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Hello, I am a Dragon Quest IX sign

DQIX pre-order sign spotted at major Tokyo retailer.


I am a Dragon Quest IX sign.

I am colored in a theme of white, blue, red, and yellow. I have four screenshots and two logos.

Here is what you see when someone takes a picture of me with a Sony Cybershot DSC-W30.

My hobbies include hanging from walls near the stairwells of major electronics retailers, and telling people everything there is to know about Dragon Quest IX

By reading my text, you'll learn that DQIX is the first multiplayer Dragon Quest game, that it has character customization elements, and that it includes CG movies which help push the story forward.

I specially like talking about Dragon Quest IX's Bic Camera price: 5,320 yen. As is usually the case for most games, this is down from the MSRP of 5,980 yen. Plus, you get 532 yen back in points, which can be used to pay part of the price for a nice little Slime-themed DSi cover from Hori.

Dragon Quest IX is currently available for pre-order ahead of its March 28 release... which is when I will probably be taken down.

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