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Yamasa details WiiWare pachislot

First pachislot game for download service hits next week.


Yamasa Entertainment is joining up with WiiWare through a genre that it specializes in -- pachislot. The company shared details today on Sugu Slot Duo New Pulsar R&V. The game was first announced late last year.

This first WiiWare pachislot game is based off the popular New Pulsar series of pachislot machines, which have shipped a total of 400,000 units. Simulations for two machines, New Pulsar R and New Pulsar V, are included in the title. This is a first video game conversion for the latter.

The game includes all the expected pachislot features, including auto play, status display and other modes which promise to help out with strategy. The title also includes features that should be helpful to beginners. Controls are fully replicated through the Wiimote, allowing for single-handed play.

Sugu Slot Duo New Pulsar R&V will be released on January 13. Pricing is set at 1,000 WiiPoints.

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