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Wii Fit tops three million -- Enterbrain

Wii system closing in on eight million.

A station billboard for Wii Fit in Tokyo. Nintendo has been constantly advertising the game since its 2007 release.

In its domestic market report from Monday, Enterbrain reported total domestic Wii Fit sales as of December 28, 2008 to be 2,967,297 units. Not surprisingly, the game has since crossed the three million mark. Enterbrain issued a report about this sales feat today, and once again Famitsu.com passed on the details.

Enterbrain figures put Wii Fit at 3,039,233 units as of January 4. The path to triple platinum took 58 weeks for the fitness software. Only Wii Sports, sold separately domestically, has sold more units on the Wii.

Wii Fit was originally released in December 2007. Despite having a large chunk of its sales prior to 2008, the game still managed to place third in Enterbrain's 2008 sales charts, behind only Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G and Pokemon Platinum -- the latter just narrowly.

Total Wii sales as of January 4 stand at 7,668,266 units, Famitsu.com also reported today. The system topped the seven million mark in late November.

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