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Square Enix forms distribution deal with Ubisoft

RPG giant to distribute French giant's titles post April.


Following leaked reports surfacing from yesterday from Famitsu, Square Enix Holdings formally announced today that it has formed an exclusive partnership with Ubisoft for the distribution of the French publishing giant's games in the Japanese market. First games for this partnership will ship in April and beyond.

The deal was formed late last year between Square Enix and Ubisoft's Shibuya-based Japanese branch. Under the deal, Square Enix will use its expansive domestic sales net to distribute Ubisoft titles at retailers. Ubisoft will continue to head up localization and promotional activities. Similarly, Ubisoft titles will continue to carry the Ubisoft publishing name.

Specific titles were not announced today. Square Enix said to expect a more specific announcement in a future update.

In its Thursday morning edition, Nikkei notes that this is the first time Square Enix has formed an exclusive sales contract with another publisher. However, this move is not entirely unexpected, with the company having expressed interest in expanding overseas ties. Most recently, Square Enix gave a Japanese release to English-based Frontier Development's critically acclaimed WiiWare platformer Lost Winds.

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