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Monster Hunter G home base detailed

Capcom details the Wii version.


Capcom shared today the first of what will presumably be a series of updates leading to the Wii version of Monster Hunter G's Spring release.

As previously announced, the Wii version of Monster Hunter G is an updated port of the 2005 PS2 expansion to the original Monster Hunter. The Wii version replicates the original's control scheme, requiring that players use the Classic Controller, and also features four player network play.

Today's update offers a look at Kokoto Village. In single player mode, this village serves as your home base of operations. You take on quests here by speaking with the village head. You also purchase items and weapons here at various shops.

Multiplayer monster hunters will recall that during multiplayer play, the home base of operations is a village known as Minagalde. Details on this village will presumably come when Capcom shares specific on the Wii version's multiplayer mode. The company has yet to announce pricing for online play.

In addition to a recap of Kokoto Village, Capcom shared a few specifics and screenshots today for some of the Wii version updates.

Item use has become more user-friendly in the Wii version. Players can now have items sent directly to their item box following purchase. It's also possible to synthesize new items directly from your item box; the PS2 version required that players go through the step of first removing items from the box.

Also new for the Wii version is "My Set Registration." Players can save groupings of weapons and armors in advance, allowing for quick equipment changes before heading out on monster hunts.

Weapon creation has been simplified as well. Players can now see in advance the pending results of weapon fortification.

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