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WTF Famitsu!

I'd eat this if it were covered in mashed potato gravy.


You know how American game sites like IGN cover non-game content like wrestling, comics, and anime? Well guess what Famitsu.com covers?

Kentucky Fried freaking Chicken!

This is actually part of the "Otona", or "Adult" part of the site. This site, which I think is the web equivalent of Enterbrain's Otona Fami magazine, targets in-door types who've crossed the 30 year age mark. Apparently, this crowd is into Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Or, rather, Kentucky Fried Fish. The above product is actually Kentucky's new Salmon Sandwich. This winter-limited item sells for 360 yen (or maybe 320 yen... Famitsu lists two prices) and features fried pink salmon from the Okhotsk region, lettuce, and a mayonnaise-based sauce.

Note to Japan's KFC: before expanding beyond chicken, bring us mashed potatoes! It's utterly ridiculous that I should have to make monthly trips to Korea in order to get my fix of hearty KFC mashed potatoes and gravy!

Last time, I tried to bring over a bucket of the gravy and was stopped at customs and had to drink it all on the spot! That was the best day of my life!

Oh by the way... while it may appear that i was totally shocked to see coverage of a food product on Famitsu.com, I actually wasn't surprised in the least bit. The main Famitsu magazine usually has four or so pages devoted to food products, including convenience store boxed lunches, delivery pizza, and -- yes -- KFC.

I have to admit that I do actually spend as much time looking at these pages as I do the rest of the magazine.

I now realize why Famitsu sells so many copies every month.

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