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Dissidia Tops Tsutaya Charts

Final Fantasy fighter fights back to take top spot from White Knight.


The sales charts are all over the place thanks to the year end break. Media Create's charts (the ones that are used every Friday on the main channel) cover the period from 12/22 to 12/28. Enterbrain's charts cover the period from 12/29 to 1/4.

Tsutaya's charts cover the whole period, from12/2 to 1/4. As reported by Taketo Matsuo in his weekly MD Matsuo Hit Analysis column at Mainichi.jp, Dissidia Final Fantasy was tops at the retail giant for this period, beating out even the mighty White Knight Chronicles.

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Both titles appear to be performing well. Dissidia is performing better than expected, notes Matsuo. White Knight Chronicles is selling extremely well, and was actually the top selling title for its week of its release, managing to sell out at some shops.

Below those two were Momotaro Dentetsu 20th Anniversary (DS), Gundam Musou 2 (PS2), Animal Crossing (Wii), Gundam Musou 2 (PS3), Phantasy Star Zero (DS), Professor Layon and the Final Time Journey (DS), Kirby: Ultra Super Deluxe (DS), and Rhythm Tengoku Gold (DS).

Seeing the PS2 version of Gundam Musou 2 ahead of the PS3 version should be a bit surprising, considering the PS3 version sold better initially. Matsuo believes the PS2 version would have sold even more if they'd had more stock.

For this week, thanks to a lack of new releases (pretty much everything this week was a budget re-release), Matsuo expects Dissidia to be top, followed by Momotaro Dentetsu 20th Anniversary and the PS2 version of Gundam Musou 2. He also expects Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G to fight for third place, noting that it sold well with the PSP system over New Years.

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