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Today's retail leak: Tora Dora Portable

A release date and an extremely surprising name.


Today's retail leak is a bit uninteresting in that the subject was announced a long time ago. Some random online retailer shared a release date for Tora Dora Portable. April 30 is the big day. The game will be available in standard and limited forms costing, respectively 5,229 and 9,800 yen.

The name "Tora Dora Portable" is also new information. Previously, the game was known tentatively as just "Tora Dora."

Sheesh... and here I was thinking that they might have something clever planned for the game's name. This is just like when Square Enix announced Seiken Densetsu 4 but wouldn't confirm the game's platform and after many months it was eventually revealed that the platform was the PS2, which is what everyone had been expecting all along. This is just like that.

For an English preview of Tora Dora, click here.

I should have a commercial in a commercial update tomorrow or the day after.

Here's a giant piece of Tora Dora artwork.

Hello, I am a giant piece of Tora Dora artwork.

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