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Konami brings more Powerful Pro to Wii, PS2

2009 series big headed titles set for March release.


Konami formally announced today the next two entries in the popular Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball series of big-headed baseball sims. The PS2 and Wii will both get new entries for the 2009 season.

For the Wii, this year's installment is titled Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball Next. Features include four player support with up to two players on a single team. The game will also have some undisclosed Wi-Fi support along with a new player raising mode of some form.

Controls appear to appeal to both traditionalists and casuals. The game can be played with the Wiimote in horizontal gamepad position, and is also compatible with the GameCube controller, Classic Controller, and Nunchuck. However, support for motion-based swinging and throwing via the Wiimote is also included.

The PS2 entry in the series is titled Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball 2009. The game promises full year 2009 data along with a Dream Japan mode of play that lets players coach the Japanese national team. Players can also become the coach of a high school team to build up players.

Fans of the series will appreciate some of the connectivity options Konami is including. Players will be able to import original player data from PSP's Powerful Pro Baseball Portable 3 and PS2's Powerful Pro Baseball 15. Theme song data can be shared between all three titles.

Both titles will be released on March 19, with the PS2 version costing 4,980 yen and the Wii version costing 5,980 yen. For first screenshots and artwork, see the official websites for the Wii version and for the PS2 version.

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