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White Knight Chronicles, DS top year-end Media Create charts

Two PlayStation titles atop sales charts.


2008 closed off with somewhat of an anomaly as two PlayStation products topped the Media Create sales charts. Over the week of December 22 to December 28, Nintendo product was still dominant, though, with DS and Wii topping the hardware charts.

Sony promotes White Knight Chronicles through an ad truck in Shibuya ahead of New Years.

White Knight Chronicles debuted on the PS3 on December 25 to sales of 206,954 units, placing first. The Level-5-developed, Sony-published RPG had the second best opening of any PS3 title. The best debut for a PS3 game was Metal Gear Solid 4.

Dissidia Final Fantasy (Square Enix, PSP) fell from its debut in first place last week to second place this week, with 176,385 units. The crossover fighter, which features heroes and villains from past Final Fantasy games, has crossed the 660,000 mark. Yesterday, separate tracking firm Enterbrain listed Dissidia as the top selling game for all of December.

Nintendo dominated the rest of the top 10 with mostly older software. Animal Crossing (Nintendo, Wii) placed third with 144,179 units. Hoshi no Kirby Ultra Super Deluxe (Nintendo, DS) sold 140,934 units for fourth place. Wagamama Fashion Girl's Mode (Nintendo, DS) sold 105,225 units. Rhythm Tengoku Gold (Nintendo, DS) reached sixth place with 84,515 units. Of these, Kirby is closing in on the million mark, with Rhythm Tengoku approaching 1.5 million.

There was one new DS game in the top ten. Sega's Phantasy Star Zero, released on the 25th, sold 84,055 units. Sega promoted the game heavily using spokesperson Tsuyoshi Tsuruno in commercials and as part of a free download content campaign.

The top ten closed off with Pokemon Platinum (Pokemon, DS) with 78,653 units, Wii Fit (Nintendo, Wii) with 71,347 units, and Mario Kart Wii (Nintendo, Wii) with 69,913 units.

Debuting outside the top ten for the Christmas week were Wii de Asobu Pikmin (Nintendo, Wii) at 18, Pachinko Fuyu no Sonata 2 (Huckberry, PS2) at 32 and Resident Evil (Capcom, Wii) at 35.

DSi promoted through a billboard in Harajuku.

Missing from the top fifty in their debut week were Riz-zoawd, D3 Publisher's DS RPG that's based off The Wizard of Oz, and Akai Ito DS, Alchemist's DS adventure game that's based off a popular novel.

Two games crossed sales milestones this week. Media Create followed Enterbrain's report from earlier in the week in noting that Wii Fit has now sold three million units. Mario Kart Wii has topped the two million mark.

In hardware, the big story for the end of the year was, once again, the DS. DSi sold 188,697 units, with the DS Lite adding an additional 56,453 units. These were respectively down from 204,144 units and up from 50,308 units the week before. As reported earlier by Enterbrain, the DS platform, including DS, DS Lite and DSi, has now crossed the 25 million mark.

PSP sold 118,765 units this week. This was a major drop from last week's 145,957 units, but far ahead of the previous week's 71,540 units. Presumably, last week's surge was due to Dissidia buyers. Square Enix and Sony released a limited edition Dissidia PSP unit to coincide with the game's release.

In consoles, Wii sold 134,958 units this week, staying level with last week's 131,054 units. Despite White Knight topping the charts, PS3 saw only a slight bump to 45,989 units from last week's 39,136 units. Xbox 360 sold 13,011 units, staying level with last week's 12,914 units.

The total software unit sold figure for this week's top 100 was 2,796,640 units, Media Create reports.

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