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Capcom debuts new Resident Evil 5 creature

Tentacled beast promises highest fear level for series.


Coinciding with coverage in Friday's Famitsu, Capcom has released new screenshots for Resident Evil 5. The company also gave the game's official website a mysterious update in what appears to be the start of a viral campaign.

The new screens offer a look a new creature. This strangely formed creature appears to be made up of a bunch of tentacles tangled together. Capcom did not share the creature's name, but did describe it with the following key phrases (these are unofficial English translations):

  • Destruction and Rebirth
  • Super-human abilities
  • You'll probably be overwhelmed with fear -- so much so that it's not going too far to say that this is the height of fear for the series.

Screenshots show the creature attacking heroes Chris and Sheeva in a variety of ways, possibly even attempting to wrap the two up in its tentacles.

Screens of the new Resident Evil 5 creature.

Joining the screens, Capcom gave the Biohazard 5 official site a mysterious update on Friday. A new Flash-based section of the site offers the appearance of a special desktop, complete with clickable icons. This section of the site is referred to as "BSAA Contents," with BSAA being the name of the organization to which Chris and Sheeva belong.

A new section of the Resident Evil 5 site may be the start of a viral campaign for the game.

Those who navigate through the folders on the special site may stumble upon a link to an English-language blog, suggesting that this could be a viral promo campaign.

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