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TryFirst details Become a Witch

New adventure game being designed by Naru Nanao


As promised late last week, Try First updated the Majo ni Naru teaser site today with first details on the mysterious new adventure game.

Announced last week via that teaser site, Majo ni Naru is a new DS "apprentice witch" adventure game from the Yukes subsidiary. Attention was initially given to the title due to the involvement of illustrator Naru Nanao of D.C.: Da Capo and Comic Party fame. The game's name translates unofficially to "Become a Witch."

Players take control of Bitte, a shy elementary school girl who lives with her poor grandmother Gratolie. Bitte dreams of using magic to fly through the skies and head out on adventure, but knows that her grandmother does not have the money required to send her to magic school.

Bitte at last gets her chance at fulfilling her dream following an encounter with a mysterious young girl named Danya. Bitte gains the ability to use magic and users her new powers to help the people of her town solve their problems.

Majo ni Naru is split into a series of 13 chapters. The first chapter details Bitte's first meeting with Danya. Players are tasked with finding a magic tool known as Mahoita ("Magic Board").

This device serves a central role in the gameplay. Players normally control Bitte on the lower screen, with events and dialogue sequences shown on the top screen, but when selecting to use magic, the bottom screen switches to a view of the Mahoita. To use magic, players directly draw symbols into the board.

The name translates to Become a Witch.
Players move Bitte on the bottom screen. In the screen to the left, Bitte (left) is shown in conversation with Danya (right).
Inputting magic commands into the Magic Board.

The official site is currently a bit on the empty side, offering a look at Bitte's character profile and a few details on Naru Nanao's involvement with the project. The site has slots for four additional characters as well as six full sections that are currently inactive.

A release of Majo ni Naru is set for Spring 2009.

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