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Capcom to re-open Resident Evil limited edition pre-orders

Limited quantity to be available in early February.


Capcom delivered some good news today for Resident Evil fanatics who missed out on the limited window for putting their names down for the pre-order-only Resident Evil 5 limited edition. The company's e-Commerce site posted notice today that it will soon be restartiung pre-orders for a limited quantity of the special package.

As previously announced, the limited edition RE5 package includes a copy of the game, a color art book, a waist pouch, and a 2 gigabyte USB memory stick, all in a special box. Priced at 12,800 yen, this package will be offered exclusively through e-Capcom.

The content of the Resident Evil 5 limited edition.

Pre-orders will restart on February 2 at 10:00 following a four day site renewal (the site will not be accessible from the 29th to the 1st).

Unlike the first pre-orders, which were limited in time from 12/1 to 12/16, this second offering is quantity-limited. Interested parties should presumably ready their refresh buttons for the 2nd.

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