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Oboro Muramasa set for April

Marvelous gives general time frame for upcoming Wii action RPG.


Marvelous Entertainment updated the official Oboro Muramasa website today with first solid hints at a release date for the game. Previously set for a vague 2009 date, the 2D Wii title is now set for some time in April.

Developed by Vanilla Ware, creators of the critically acclaimed Odin Sphere, Oboro Muramasa is an action RPG with Japanese themes. Players select to play as either a ninja or a kunoichi and work through side scrolling stages presented in 2D. At the Tokyo Game Show last year, Marvelous announced that the game's English name would be Muramasa: The Demon Blade.

Also detailed in today's site update is a schedule of magazine appearances for the game. Those wanting a print look at the title should check today's issue of Weekly Famitsu, the January 21 issue of Nintendo Dream, the January 21 issue of Dengeki DS + Wii, and the January 27 issue of Dengeki Ma-ou. All dates reflect when the magazines hit the newsstands.

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