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Hayate no Gotoku set for PSP

Kenjiro Hata preparing original character for latest game adaptation.


Konami opened up an official website today for Hayate no Gotoku! Nightmare Paradise, an all new adaptation of the popular comic that's known in the English speaking world as Hayate the Combat Butler.

According to the site, this first-ever PSP entry in the series will feature six "dream stories," full voice for the heroines, and animated close-up shots. Hayate no Gotoku creator Kenjiro Hata will be creating an original character for the game.

Konami has three versions of the game on the way. A 5,250 yen standard version will include a copy of the game and a limited edition Hayate no Gotoku! Trading Card Game promotional card. A 7,350 yen special version will add in a UMD video disc featuring a special video from the March 6 Hayate OVA and interviews with the voice staff. Finally, a 10,500 yen Konami Style limited version will include all the items from the special version along with a figure. Details on this final version will be shared in the January 21 issue of Weekly Shounen Sunday.

Konami will also be holding a retail promotion where different retailers will offer buyers a unique telephone card. Designs will be shared shortly.

All versions of the game will arrive on March 26. Those interested in an early glimpse should head to Konami's booth at the upcoming World Hobby Fair, where the game will appear in playable form.

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