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Bandai Namco shares Idol Master SP clothing secret

Change clothes with the girls of 961 Productions by fulfilling "certain conditions."


Bandai Namco gave yet another promotional push to Idol Master SP today. Following up on last week's CD release commemoration event, the company held a second such event in Shibuya today and also shared some secret information about SP.

Today's event, as covered by Dengeki Online, was invite-only for purchasers of the Colorful Days and Over Master single CDs who'd won a raffle. Last week's event focused on 765 Productions, the girls whom you produce for yourself in SP. Today's event, titled "The Idol Master Master Special 961 Pro Secret Event" was focused on 961 Productions, the three girls who serve as your rival idols.

The content of the event was similar to last week. The 961 Productions voice acting staff kicked things off with a live performance of Over Master. This was followed by a talk event with 765 Productions voice actors and SP producer Yoko Sakagami. The group held a series of challenges, including, once again, an audition competition using SP's new ad-hoc battle mode. Closing off the event, the voice actresses performed the new L-O-B-M song and KisS before Bandai Namco unveiled a surprise birthday cake for Shijyo Takane voice actress Yumi Hara, who's birthday is apparently on the 21st.

Pics from the event can be seen in the original Dengeki Online article.

Coinciding with this event, Bandai Namco shared one piece of Idol Master SP information that should excite fans. The information concerns "Extend" clothing, extra clothing for your virtual idols. After clearing "certain conditions," you'll gain the ability to dress your idols in the clothing of the 961 Productions rival characters.

The special clothing is named as following for each girl:

  • Shijyo Takane: Beyond the Nobiles
  • Miki Hoshii: Beyond the Wishes
  • Ganaha Hibiki: Beyond the Vibes

The conditions for obtaining the clothes have yet to be revealed and will presumably be kept a secret for players to discover on their own.

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