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Capcom details Monster Hunter G support creatures

Take in meals prior to your quest in new feature for Wii version.


For its latest update on the Wii version of Monster Hunter G today, Capcom shared details on two support creatures along with one piece of information on what's changed with the Wii port.

The two creatures introduced are Airu and Poogie, both of whom should be familiar to players of the original or those who've sampled any of the Monster Hunter franchise games.

Poogie (left) and Airu (right).

Airu is an intelligent creature who walks on two feet and can understand human speak. He's a hunter himself and can be found residing in a variety of areas hunting for survival. Many, hoping for a more fulfilling life, have come to reside in cities and villages.

As a new feature for the Wii version, players can take in meals in the main Kokotto village during single player mode. This can be done wherever an Airu is found in town. Once you've eaten, you'll be able to head off on quests with a different status setting. Network mode offers the same functionality, but in your guest house or in inns.

Unlike Airu, which is a type of creature, Poogie is a specific creature. A young pig, Poogie was brought to town by a merchant. He awaits your return, either in your village's house or your city's guest house, depending on whether you're playing single player or multiplayer.

Players can raise Poogie in their own home, giving him food or snacks. Following a feeding, Poogie will appear to suddenly leave town, but will return later, apparently having a more favorable opinion of you.

As announced earlier in the week, Monster Hunter G is now set for release on April 23. In addition to the standard version, Capcom will offer a "Starter Pack" that bundles a specially designed Classic Controller. All versions of the game will include a Monster Hunter 3 demo and a promotional card for the MOnster Hunter Hunting Card card game.

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