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Hori readies Idol Master SP accessory set

Three sets to match three versions of upcoming idol raising sim.


Hori opened up a website today for its latest game-themed accessory set. Set for release to coincide with Idol Master SP, the Idol Master SP Accessory Set includes a series of helpful items for new producers.

Included in the package is a clear case, head phones, three slide-style UMD cases, and an instruction manual. The clear case is designed to make UMD swapping easy and also includes a simple stand which can be used to keep the system upright for when viewing 1seg broadcasts. The headphones attach to the ear and include a 1.0m cable.

Three versions of the package will be on offer, one each for Perfect Sun, Wandering Star, and Missing Moon. Each version has a different color scheme and different artwork for the clear case and the slide UMD cases reflecting the different idols that are included in the corresponding versions of the game.

Pricing for each is set at 2,980 yen. Look for the accessory sets at retail on February 19. Product pics can be found at Hori's official product page.

Hori states that this product is compatible exclusively with the PSP-3000. However, the headphones will work with both the 2000 and 1000 models.

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