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Idea Factory forms new girls gaming brand

Sister brand to Otomate


Idea Factory's Otomate brand is getting a sister. The company announced today the formation of the Otomate Forte brand, set to kick off in May with Ore ga Omae wo Mamoru on the DS.

Otomate was originally formed in April 2007, targeting female audiences with adventure games themed around love. Like its sister brand, Otomate Forte appeals to female gamers, but covers non-adventure genres, including action RPGs and simulation games.

Logo for the new brand.

According to a statement issued by Idea Factory, the new brand, which officially kicked off today, is being formed in response to the expanding female gaming market and greater variety in gaming hardware. The name "Forte," taken from the musical terminology, is meant to mean strength, both with how strongly the Idea Factory staff hopes to appeal to a larger female audience, and the greater strength of the "game-style" elements found in the genres covered by the brand.

Idea Factory opened up an official website for the brand today as well. The site contains a link to a teaser page for Ore ga Omae wo Mamuro along with details on the brand itself.

Ore ga Omae wo Mamoru, which unofficially translates to "I Will Protect You," puts players in the role of a male hero who must defeat enemies in side-scrolling stages. The game promises to appeal to those who are new to the action genre thanks to adjusted difficulty and gameplay explanations. For fans of the regular Otomate brand, the game will feature love-themed events, voiceovers from popular voice actors, and a main character design by popular illustrator Kiyone Kazu.

A release for Ore ga Omae wo Mamoru is set for May 21, with pricing at 5,040 yen.

First screenshots of I Will Protect You.

This is just the first in what will presumably be a long series of titles for the new brand. While not sharing specifics, Idea Factory said that the next title will be a dungeon RPG targeting female audiences.

The Otomate brand is continuing as well. In addition to the 21 titles already released, there are currently 7 Otomate games in development.

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