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Princess Ai Monogatari hits WiiWare

First digital comic from Sun Denshi available for download today.


A new type of WiiWare app is available for Wii owners today. Sun Denshi kicked off the WiiWare version of its Sun Books digital comic service today. The service was originally scheduled to start on January 6, but was postponed on the 5th.

The first title for the service is Princess Ai Monogatari. Seven volumes of the comic are available as of today. The first volume, consisting of chapters 1 through 3 is priced at 500 WiiPoints and includes the special viewing software required for all other volumes. Chapters four through 15 are available in two volume packs costing 200 WiiPoints each.

As previously detailed, the viewing software allows users to view a comic in two modes: Frame View Mode, where individual frames of a comic are shown, complete with subtitles, and Page View Mode, where full pages are shown, minus support for subtitles. While it's unclear if this will be a regular feature, Princess Ai Monogatari also includes the option for English subtitles.

Princess Ai Monogatari images.

Those wanting a sampler ahead of purchase will have to wait until tomorrow. Sun Denshi plans on updating the Princess Ai Monogatari official site then with a Flash demo along with details on characters and story.

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