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Gyakuten Kenji logic mode and rivals detailed

Gyakuten Saiban spinoff set for late May.


Just one week after the announcement of a final release date for the title, Capcom shared today its latest look at Gyakuten Kenji. Included in the update are details on two characters and a look at the "logic mode," which can lead you to new developments in your investigation, but can also bring about an end to the game for those who are prone to making haphazard guesses.

The two new characters introduced today appear to serve as rivals to main character Reiji Mitsurugi. Here are their profiles, as summarized from Capcom's official Japanese descriptions:

Shiryu Rou
The 27-year-old Shiryu is an elite international investigator who makes use of his overwhelming charisma to lead a large group of subordinates in his investigations. He appears to have a general hate for prosecutors.
Sheena is Rou's secretary and is always at his side. She and Rou have a relationship of strong trust, and she supports his investigations.
Shiryu Rou (left) and Sheena (right).
Reiji in what appears to be a confrontation with the two new characters.
Reiji considering the case at hand.

The "Logic Mode" isn't a separate mode of play, but is rather something that you encounter as you work through the game as Reiji. During an investigation you can press A to look closely at a particular area of the scene. When you've stumbled upon an area that has particular relevance to the incident at hand, related information will be added to your Logic Panel in the form of key word panels. The Logic Panel can be opened up on the bottom screen for review.

Once you've obtained enough information, you'll be able to enter into Logic Mode. Using the Logic Panel, you must connect the dots between any two pieces of information that you obtained during your investigations. You do this by simply tapping the two key word panels and then selecting "matomeru" ("summarize"). A cut-in animation frame will show Reiji considering the relation between the two items, and if there actually is a connection between the two, you'll see new developments in the case.

It seems that players can't hope to simply connect two pieces of information at random. If you're mistaken in your suspicion of a connection, a "Truth Gauge" shown on the upper left of the top screen will deplete. When this reaches zero, the game ends.

Gathering and adding information to your Logic Panel.
Connecting the dots in Logic Mode.

As announced last week, Gyakuten Kenji will be released on May 28, priced at the typical DS software price point of 5,040 yen. Capcom will be releasing a limited edition version to go along with the standard version. Details on this version have yet to be revealed.

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