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Crystal Defenders set for WiiWare, PSN and XLA

Square Enix brings its mobile app to home download services


Square Enix has thus far brought Crystal Defenders to a large array of mobile devices, including, most recently, iPhone/iPod Touch. Following leaked reports yesterday, the company formally announced today a new take on the series, with releases for WiiWare, PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live Arcade.

Crystal Defenders is an overhead realtime strategy game in which players position characters in order to defeat enemies who fill the stages and attempt to reach an exit point. The character types and designs are, notably, based off the Final Fantasy Tactics series

The WiiWare version, titled Crystal Defenders R-1, will lead the way with a January 27 release. Priced at 1,000 WiiPoints, this version will retain the basic "tower defense" style play of the original mobile app. Square Enix recommends the game for beginners, as players will be instructed in the rules as they play. The title will also offer Wi-Fi Connection support, allowing players to upload scores.

Screens from Crystal Defenders R1, the WiiWare version of the game.

The PSN and XLA versions of the game differ from the WiiWare version. Titled just Crystal Defenders, these version will be released in Spring at currently undisclosed prices. They will feature interface and graphical changes and will offer players the chance to experience the entirety of Crystal Defenders' mobile content on a home console.

The original mobile version of Crystal Defenders, known as Crystal Guardians, was released as separate W1, W2, and W3 versions. These were combined in one package for the iPhone version. The PSN and XLA versions will include all three packs, allowing for over 300 stages of play.

The PSN and XLA version is titled just Crystal Defenders and will include the W1, W2 and W3 content from the mobile version of the game.

More details on the WiiWare version can be found at the game's newly opened official site. The site includes a trailer and wallpaper downloads.

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