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Street Fighter IV heads off on retail tour

Sample new characters in advance.


Street Fighter IV will be making the promotional rounds ahead of its February 12 console release. Capcom shared details today on a retail tour that will offer gamers a chance to try out the home versions in advance.

The tour kicks off on the 25th in Ikebukuro, then continues throughout Japan, with a major stop on the 7th in Akihabara. The event build of the game will include all the characters that were added for the home, including Cammy and Sakura.

Street Fighter IV screenshots distributed today by Capcom. Cammy and Gen, shown in the left of both shots, are new for the home version of the game.

Dates for the events are as follows:

  • 01/25: Sakuraya Ikebukuro (Tokyo)
  • 02/01: Yodobashi Camera Multimedia Sapporo (Hokkaido)
  • 02/01: Sofmap Nanba Saurus (Osaka)
  • 02/07: Ishimaru Denki Game Hobby Shop (Tokyo)
  • 02/07: Laox Asobit Game City (Tokyo)
  • 02/07: Sofmap Akihabara Amusement (Tokyo)
  • 02/07: Messe Sanoh (Tokyo)
  • 02/07: Media Land (Tokyo)
  • 02/10: Sakuraya Funabashi (Chiba)
  • 02/11: Theta Shop Mizo no Kuchi (Kanagawa)

Further details on times and directions can be found at the Street Fighter IV official site.

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