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Shining Force Feather gets additional pre-order swag

3DCG video clip added to special DVD


Sega has more bonus items on the way for Shining Force Feather pre-orderers. The company announced today an additional bonus item for the upcoming DS installment of the classic strategy series.

Previously, Sega announced a Special Collection DVD item as a pre-order bonus for the title. This item, titled "Gift from the Sky," was set to include a video art album, a sound drama, a movie collection, and a soundtrack.

Joining all that content will be a 3DCG movie featuring Al-fin, the game's robotic heroine. A 3D modeled version of Al-fin will perform Bukiyou na Kokoro (unofficially, "Useless Heart"), a song that was made just for the pre-order bonus.

Scenes from the bonus video clip.
The bonus DVD packaging.

A digest version of the bonus video will be available at the Shining Force Feather official site tomorrow. Additionally, the Bukiyou na Kokoro song will be played tomorrow on the web radio program Shining Force Feather Force Max Zenkai Radio.

As previously announced, the pre-order DVD will ship in an special jacket designed by Pako and Noiji Ito, the game's character design duo.

Screenshots of Shining Force Feather, shared today by Sega.

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