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Eiko Kano to appear in Shinjuku Wolf

Spike puts handsome image character in revived PS2 title.


Eiko Kano isn't through showing off his comical good looks for Spike. Following promotional work on Kenka Bancho 3 and Way of the Samurai 3, Kano is taking a more intimate role with Wolf of Shinjuku, Spike announced today.

Following the October 2008 announcement that Kano would be serving as Spike's image character, the popular comedian appeared in commercials late last year for Kenka Bancho 3 and Way of the Samurai 3. For Wolf of Shinjuku, Kano will actually be appearing in the game. While not sharing the exact nature of his role, Spike did say that Kano's character will be voiced by Kano himself.

Eiko Kano shows his support for Spike.

Wolf of Shinjuku is set in a virtual recreation of Shinjuku and puts players in the role of Eiji Mikami, a detective who follows the motto "I am the law." The game was originally announced by Capcom but was cancelled in mid 2007. Spike re-announced the game in November of last year.

The PS2 title, Eiko Kano and all, will see release on February 19.

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